Online Dutch course, 1st session free of charge!

Have you always wanted to improve your Dutch? Since we’re all a bit more confined to our homes now, this is a great opportunity to change this crisis into learning something new. Start your online Dutch course now! I offer Dutch tutoring via Skype or Zoom at a reduced rate. Sign up now to either take your first steps with this difficult but beautiful language or pick up your Dutch at whichever level you are at or left off at….

In the first free session we’ll get to know each other, establish what your current level of Dutch is, figure out what your goals are and which method best fits you. Whether you want to focus on conversation, writing, listening, or reading we’ll tackle any area where you may be struggling. During the session we’ll use mostly authentic sources from Dutch television, radio, or movies and we’ll speak Dutch from the get go to fully immerse you in a true Dutch experience!

Dus… doe je mee?