Who am I?

An affinity for international organizations, a love for languages and different cultures, a belief in progressive social causes and politics, and an admiration for the French culture and its gastronomy.. I have always loved all these elements and in my work I combine them as a Dutch-French interpreter and language trainer. Since October of 2013 I have been working as an independent freelancer from my hometown Amsterdam.

I have a background in International Business and International Relations. During my bachelor education I completed a double-diploma program at the ESCE Business school in Paris, where I lost my heart to the city, the language and my husband. To follow up I completed an internship and stayed for a total of one and a half years in Paris before returning to the Netherlands to finish my studies. Political and social matters held more interest to me than the commercial world and for this reason I wished to continue my studies. I enrolled in a Master in Political Science program at the University of Amsterdam which I successfully completed in 2008.

After my studies I commenced employment in the area of Fair Trade for the Max Havelaar foundation in Utrecht where for four years I enjoyed working in the Control and Certification department. I decided to return to my studies in 2012, but this time with a special focus on the French language. In 2014 I obtained the diploma of the French interpretation course at the University of Applied Sciences for Interpreters and Translators ITV in Utrecht.

What can I offer you?

Over the course of the last two years I have had the privilege of performing several assignments which frequently corresponded to my personal background. Subjects such as women’s empowerment, Fair trade, sustainable development and the fight against poverty were common themes, but new subjects were also covered. In cooperation with a fellow interpreter for example, I carried out two extensive assignments in the Netherlands and France concerning the care of disabled persons. During the course of these assignments I obtained a thorough comprehension and knowledge of the national policy of both countries in this area including the upcoming decentralization hereof. Moreover, I have become familiar with the offshore sector and specifically with security training that offshore employees have to complete. Through this experience I developed extended comprehension and familiarity with specific terminology on subjects such as firefighting, survival at sea, first aid and helicopter safety.

Every interpretation assignment is subject to a thorough preparation. If power point presentations and any other relevant documents are available, it is essential that I receive them in advance so that I can use them in my preparation. It is my mission to serve you, together with those people for whom I will be doing the interpretation, to the best of my ability and to deliver a quality and timely interpretation. By dealing directly with me as an independent freelancer and avoiding middle-men, I can offer you my services at a very competitive rate. If you would like to receive more information, don’t hesitate to contact me!